Maternity Benefit

Maternity benefit – paid before and after childbirth, can be requested by expectant mothers who: Are employed and receive a salary; Are self-employed; or Are spouses of a self-employed person and have voluntarily joined the social insurance.
Publicēšanas datums: [16.02.2018.]

Paternity Benefit

If you are working at a paid job and have social insurance, as the father of a newborn child you are eligible to take a leave in relation to your child’s birth for the duration of ten calendar days. This leave must be used before the child is two months old. When taking this leave you will receive the paternity benefit.
Publicēšanas datums: [16.02.2018.]

Child Birth Benefit

The following persons are entitled to receive the child birth benefit: citizens, non-citizens of Latvia, foreigners, and stateless persons living in Latvia who have received a personal identification code
Publicēšanas datums: [15.02.2018.]

Allowance for child care

Citizens of Latvia, non-citizens, foreigners and stateless persons permanently residing in Latvia, to whom a personal identity code has been granted.
Publicēšanas datums: [27.12.2017.]

Parents’ Benefit

Any socially secured person taking care of a child or several children born in the same labour, if this person is employed on the day of granting of the benefit.
Publicēšanas datums: [27.12.2017.]

Family State Benefit and Additional Payments

The following persons are entitled to receive the family state benefit and the supplement to the family state benefit
Publicēšanas datums: [06.02.2018.]

Disabled Child Care Benefit

The following persons are entitled to receive child care benefit - citizens of Latvia living in Latvia, non-citizens, foreign citizens and stateless persons, who have received personal ID number.

The benefit is not granted to persons, who have received a temporary residence permit.

The benefit is granted to one of the disabled child’s parents or a guardian, who is taking care of the child, who h...
Publicēšanas datums: [29.03.2011.]

State Support for the Children Suffering from Celiac Disease

The following children suffering from celiac disease are entitled to receive the state support.
Publicēšanas datums: [27.12.2016.]

Consideration for Performing Custodian’s Duties

Citizens, non-citizens, foreigners and stateless persons residing in Latvia and having a personal identity number with children in his/her guardianship who have been assigned a personal identification number are entitled to receive consideration for performing custodian’s duties
Publicēšanas datums: [31.01.2018.]


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